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Dragon Shield: Game Master Companion - Iron Grey

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Dragon Shield: Game Master Companion – Iron Grey

Stash and transport hordes of monsters while you conceal devious plans behindyour GM screen! The Dragon Shield Game Master Companion is a two-in-one gamemaster screen and storage/transport solution for game masters of tabletop RPGs.Bring everything you need for game night in one convenient box, including apractical GM screen which streamlines the flow of play.

The GM screen features an integrated initiative tracker, pockets for notesand bands for phones & pens. Level up your RPG experience!

The initiative tracker is the groove which runs across the top of the GMscreen. Insert monster or player cards in the groove to make initiative ordervisible for everyone! Draw your own player or monster cards with the18 included reusable standard sized cards and dry erase marker. The initiativetracker is also compatible with official monster cards.

The back of the GM screen has pockets on the 3 large panels which fit A4 orletter size papers. Keep reference information handy, such as condition effects,maps, or frequently used random tables. You can get free inserts to print outfor your GM screen for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition atdragonshield.com/ro­leplaying
Use the straps behind the small panels to conveniently use reference apps on amobile or keep your pens and pencils handy during play.

The GM screen is 23cm (9”) high, giving the GM a good view of the table areeven while seated. The screen wraps around the box securely with a strongmagnetic closure.

Use the storage box and 6 included foam trays to safely stash yourminiatures, RPG books and dice. Two of the foam trays have slots which fitstandard sized cards (sleeved or unsleeved). Place trays facing each other tofit large/tall miniatures. You can easily transport the GM companion with theincluded strap/carrying handle.

Both the box and GM screen feature a tough Dragon Skin™ exterior, makingthe GM Companion durable and ideal for turbulent dungeon delving! Dragon ShieldRoleplaying accessories are designed to enhance gameplay and immersion for GameMasters and Players of tabletop RPGs!


  • Highly customizable and unique​ all-in-one product
  • Strong, magnetic closure ensures safe transport and storage of contents
  • Built-in initiative tracker along the top of the game master screen
  • Tough Dragon Skin exterior
  • 18 reusable plastic cards and dry erase marker included. Easily createplayer, monster and NPC cards
  • Includes 6 foam trays with room for a total of over 40 miniatures ofvarious sizes
  • Designed to ensure the game master a comfortable overview of the playarea – even when seated!
  • GM screen can hold A4 sheets for all the game master's essential maps, NPClists, monster cards ect.
  • Elastic bands behind the GM screen to hold your phone or pens
  • The box’s inner dimensions are: 10 × 22.3 × 30.6cm(3–9/10 × 8–4/5 × 12”).

Included in the box:

  • 18 Reusable cards
  • Dry erase marker
  • 4 Foam trays with varying size slots
  • 2 Foam trays with small slots
  • Dragon Shield mini-adventure
  • Carrying strap with handle

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Product Code: 36003470
Barcode: 5706569500108
Brand: Dragon Shield

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