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MetaZoo TCG: Nightfall Theme Deck - Spirit (1st Edition)

Great, you can take it any where @easy to store I love it🤗.

Great way to enjoy Carcassonne

I used to play Carcassonne with my kids years ago and had most of the expansions... having sold them all on Trademe and wanting to get back into the game, I decided on the Big box. The big box is great, it has probably the best 2 of the major expansions and some great mini expansions. My only gripe is the "SIZE" of the box. It could quite literally be half the size! It has to lay flat and does not fit into a standard cupboard. Don't buy this if you already have the base game, Do buy it if you do not have the base game and want a great Carcassonne experience with heaps of expansions to keep the game interesting for months/years

Fabulous Travel Board

So glad I ordered this size for travelling in the caravan (I have a larger size at home). Exactly what I was hoping it would do. Definitely recommend to any jigsaw enthusiast.

Chameleon Djeco 150 piece puzzle

Bought this for my 6 and 7 year old grandaughters and they love it. Have the Whale 150 piece one in same brand and do them repeatedly.

MetaZoo TCG: Nightfall Theme Deck - Cosmic (1st Edition)

Fun party game

Very little rules explanation needed to teach this game to your friends. Easy to use app. Quick fun one which we love to play!

Puzzle board arrived within 3 days. I had bought it as a gift for my daughter, she is very happy with it.
I am a happy customer ☺️

Loved it .loved the picture and the challenge.

Love it

It’s addictive and fun. A good laugh for the family.

Excellent buy

Arrived quickly and a great product. My daughter is Rubik’s cube crazy and was happy with the functionality.

Jigsaw puzzle

Ravensburger puzzles never disappoint. Always good quality.


Best purchase! It makes life a million times easier!

Jigsaw puzzle

Super, excellent service! Very fast delivery and excellent product. Highly recommended.

Love it!! So many variations.

Loved the game. It was a challenge and fun.

Potter Fan

Easy to put together. Great price and was a good addition to my large collection.

Zoink: Jigsaw Puzzle Board & Carrier - 1000pc

Board size does not fit all 1000 piece puzzles.

The first 100 piece puzzle I began on this board is short in depth of at least 2 rows.

Pass the Pen
Roslyn J.
Love this game!

Lots of fun trying to finish your drawing before the pen retracts!

Brass: Birmingham

Great service and a great puzzle

It was quite challenging so I loved it!!

Love it

Solved my problem of how to do jigsaws in a limited space. Use it on the table and then so easy to fold and put away. All the pieces stay in place, I keep mine under the bed.

Fast delivery exactly what I ordered