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Rococo: Deluxe Edition (Board Game)

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Welcome to the Rococo era. Louis XV reigns in France, and it's theheight of fashion to attend his lavish balls where important luminaries dress upin extravagant gowns and fancy frock coats, all eager to surpass one another inelegance and grace.

In Rococo: Deluxe Edition, you are the owner of a distinguished tailoringbusiness endeavouring to increase your prestige. Each turn, you play an employeecard that allows you to perform a task, such as hiring a new employee for yourstaff, tailoring exquisite gowns and frock coats to rent or sell, or fundingsome of the many decorations. However, employees are not always able to performall tasks, so you must plan carefully how you direct them, especially as eachemployee grants a unique bonus — including some that generate prestige.

Rococo: Deluxe Edition contains the previously released Jewelry Boxexpansion, the Festivity Dresses expansion, and the Fancy Dresses promo, as wellas a new “Madame du Barry” solo mode expansion. This version of Rococofeatures changes from the previous edition of the base game, along with premiumcomponents including custom poly-resin lace and thread tokens; gold foilheat-stamped, wooden player markers; velveteen cloth bags for garments, silk andjewelry tokens; and upgraded punch boards for the garments, silk,and coins.

Game Contents:

  • 42 Garment tiles
  • 28 Employee cards
  • 25 Starting Employee cards
  • 1 double-sided Game Board (1–3 players / 4–5 players)
  • 1 metal Gold Thimble Start Player token
  • 16 polyresin Lace tokens
  • 16 polyresin Thread tokens
  • 3 Cloth Bags (for Garments, Resources, Jewelry)
  • 50 punchboard Coins (20 Value-1, 10 Value-5, 10 Value-10,10 Value-20)
  • 5 wooden Prestige Point counters
  • 1 Queen’s Favor tile
  • 2 Employee Card Reference sheets
  • 48 Resource tiles
  • 100 wooden Trademark tokens
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 5 Tile Racks for Material Tiles
  • Jewelry Box expansion
  • Madame du Barry Solo expansion
  • Fancy Dresses expansion
  • Festivity Dresses expansion
  • Rulebook

The Dice Tower Seal of Approval is a trademark of The Dice Tower, LLCand is used with permission.

Product Details

Product Code: 33298267
Barcode: 609456648257
Brand: Eagle-Gryphon Games

Playtime: 60-120 minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Number of Players: 1-5
Themes: Historical
Board Game Mechanics: Area Control | Card Drafting | Deck Building | Hand Management | Set Collection

Categories: All Games, Best Sellers, Board Games, Historical Games, Sale Games, Strategy Board Games

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