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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer (Tyrant's Grasp 2 of 6)

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You Can't Go Home
Returning to the land of the living, the
heroes explore the ruins of the town of Roslar's Coffer, the center of the
devastating blast that hurled them to the afterlife. Populated with newly risen
undead, twisted creatures, and wicked cultists of the Whispering Way, Roslar's
Coffer offers danger around every corner. Can the heroes escape the poisonous
fog that surrounds the town and warn the rest of the world of this rising threat
to all life?
This volume of Pathfinder Adventure
Path continues the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path and

* "Eulogy for Roslar's
Coffer," a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 5th-level characters, by Jason
* An introduction to several
itinerant merchant groups active within the Lake Encarthan region and beyond, by
Eleanor Ferron.
* A close look at the faith
of Arazni, the Red Queen, fallen saint and unwilling ruler of an undead land, by
Lyz Liddell.
* A presentation of the
machinations and representative members of the nefarious death-obsessed
Whispering Way, by Crystal Malarsky.
* A
bestiary of monsters both exalted and corrupt, including two couatls that travel
the world to aid others, a humanoid cursed with the touch of undeath, a
monstrous undead spawned from tragic loss of life, and an invasive carnivorous
plant, by Sarah E. Hood, Luis Loza, Jen McTeague, and Mikhail

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