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Command and Colors Tricorne - Jacobite Rising

Command and Colors Tricorne - Jacobite Rising is a preorder.
Estimated Release Date*: 📅 30 Jun 2022
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The Jacobite Rising battlefield game board has a hex grid of 13 hexes wide by 11 hexes deep. The battlefield is divided into three sections by two dotted lines, giving each player a Left Flank Section, a Center Section and a Right Flank Section. Where the dotted line cuts through a hex, the hex is considered to be part of both the flank section and the center section. Terrain Tiles represent a range of terrain features and are placed on the battlefield to recreate the historical scenario setting.

Here is the list of 13 battles and smaller skirmish actions included with Jacobite Rising:

  • Killikeankie – 27 July 1689
  • Dunkeld – 21 August 1689
  • Cromdale – 1 May 1690
  • Alness – 10 July 1715
  • Sheriffmuir – 13 November 1715
  • Glen Shiel – 10 June 1719
  • Prestonpans – September 1745
  • Clifton – 18 December 1745
  • Inverurie – 23 December 1745
  • Falkirk (Stage 1) – 17 January 1746
  • Falkirk (Stage 2) – 17 January 1746
  • Culloden – 16 April 1746
  • Culloden (Flanking Move) – 16 April 1746

Game Components:

  • 1 booklet of rules and scenarios
  • 1 Battlefield game board (assembled)
  • 4 Terrain and Accessories punchboards containing:
  • 60 double-sided terrain tiles
  • 18 double-sided victory flag counters
  • 6 double-sided clan chief / chief officer markers
  • 52 Command
  • Cards 58 Combat Cards (29 English , 29 Jacobite)
  • 8 engraved battle dice.
  • 5 sheets of block stickers.
  • 2 double-sided summary cards
  • 283 Blocks: blue Jacobite units, red British units, dark blue German units comprising:
  • 176 small, blue and red blocks for infantry units
  • 68 medium, blue and red blocks for units cavalry
  • 39 rectangular blue and red blocks for leaders and artillery
  • Box and lid

Product Details

Product Code: 34862595
Publisher: Compass Games

Playtime: 60-90 minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Number of Players: 2+
Themes: Other
Board Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling | Hand Management | Modular Board

Categories: All Games, Best Family Board Games, Best War Board Games, Board Games, Card Games, Dice Games & Role Playing Games, Preorder Games, Sale Board Games

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